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Project results and selected publications

During the first 24 months the COSIVU System Architecture concept has been developed and a highly modular packaging concept was chosen for the power stage, using Inverter Building Blocks. Different designs have been evaluated regarding the placement and form factor of the components to find an optimum between the different requirements of the components. The inverter for Heavy vehicle application has been almost fully assembled and is near completion (awaiting driver board mounting). The hardware was shown at ecartec in Munich Oct 20-22.  

Identification and documentation of critical components with respect to reliability and durability has been done as well as collection of input for the reliability model. Modal analysis has been started using relevant field vibrational data.

SiC BJTs and diodes have been selected and Packaged SiC devices have been delivered by Fairchild and integrated in the Inverter building blocks. The double sided cooling concept investigated by Swerea IVF in the project has been designed. Parts have been manufactured and units will be assembled and tested Before the end of 2014. These modules will have the same pin configuration as the ones pacakged by Fairchild.

Hella has manufactured and started the testing of the solid-borne sound sensor mounted to the elaphe Electric machine. They have also produced the first test data of an advanced oil condition sensor. It will eventually be applied to oil monitoring.

Several space saving current sensor packaging concepts were investigated initially by Sensitec and after evaluation the final selection has been made using a busbar design. Stray field issues have been a major deciding factor for the final design.

A new base driver solution has been designed and successfully tested by TU Chemnitz on an Inverter Building Block. Driver board manufacturing has commenced.

A thermal investigation setup has been designed by Fraunhofer ENAS and Nanotest for the thermal characterization of SiC modules. the first testing of the single sided modules has started.

Direct drive motors for passenger application have been designed and produced by Elaphe. A passenger car "test rig" using a modifed VW Charan has been equipped with near Wheel motors for the rear axle (while keeping the diesel drive for the front wheels for practical reasons). Electric motor control algorithm has been applied to the test rig set up.

Book chapters from proceedings of AMAA 2014

COSIVU ‐ Compact, Smart and Reliable Drive Unit for Commercial Electric Vehicles, Tomas Gustafsson, Stefan Nord, Dag Andersson, Klas Brinkfeldt, and Florian Hilpert

Reliability of new SiC BJT power modules for fully electric vehicles
Alexander Otto, Eberhard Kaulfersch, Klas Brinkfeldt, Klaus Neumaier, Olaf Zschieschang, Dag Andersson, Sven Rzepka

Development of a solid‐borne sound sensor to detect bearing
faults based on a MEMS sensor and a PVDF foil Sensor
Jurij Kern, Carsten Thun, Jernej Herman


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